Green Chef Review: Pros & Cons in 2023

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  8 min read

Green Chef offers you flexibility and choice for what you want to eat, giving you a range of meal deliveries.

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When you are on a Keto or Paleo diet, planning your meal each day looks like a tedious task. But Green Chef bills itself as a prominent meal kit delivery service designed to curb the needs of food fans on a portion control diet. Health-conscious foodies look up to Green Chef for getting certified organic ingredients with complete cooking instructions.

Green Chef also offers three distinguishing meal plans perfectly tailored for people following a low-carb lifestyle. The meal categories also support diet-conscious people and people who love green plants. After reviewing Green Chef from all angles, we agreed with everyone who considers the service ideal for people trying to live a “Balanced Life.”


  • Organic meals ensure healthy eating.
  • Eco-Friendly packaging material.
  • Suitable for people following a Keto or Paleo diet.


  • A bit expensive.
  • No meal customization option.
  • No free shipping even on small orders.

Green Chef In A Nutshell

Everyone is familiar with the meal kit delivery services trying to make cooking easier for home chefs. Green Chef serves the same purpose but with a simple twist.

Unlike most meal kit delivery services that deliver you ready-to-eat meals, Green Chef provides pre-portioned ingredients with pre-made lighter sauces. The meal service is also among the very few USDA-certified organic meal providers in the state. The selling point of Green Chef is how well it caters to the needs of home cooks looking for healthy and well-balanced meals.

The three unique menus: Keto + Paleo, Balanced Living, and Plant-Powered, offer you a wide variety of recipes perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Green Chef offers meals that are high on nutrition while letting foodies minimize carb consumption. However, there are some meals that you can enjoy on your cheat days, such as truffle Linguine with Chicken and mushrooms.

There are about twelve to nine meal options under every meal plan. The meals by the company produce less wastage adding to the popularity of the service.

Signing Up With Green Chef

To review Green Chef more closely, we subscribe to the meal delivery service. The sign-in process of quick and trouble-free.

The main interface of Green Chef lets you review the three meal plans (Keto + Paleo, Plant-Powered, Balanced Living) before allowing you to move on to selecting your weekly meals.

During our Green Chef meal review, we explored the chef-designed recipes on the website. Every recipe has a list of ingredients, cooking time, and nutritional facts mentioned under the picture. We think it can be quite helpful for someone who is quite confused about choosing a meal.

You can select meal kits for two, four, or six people. But on the downside, it allows you only to order three to four meals per week. After giving in your payment deals and scheduling your delivery date, you have to wait for the meal box to arrive at your doorstep.

Meal Plans By Green Chef

We were a little surprised as each category offers various recipes with prices different for the three categories.

The meal plans at Home Chef are not limited to supplying pre-portioned ingredients and fresh vegetables alone. You also get to enjoy sauces and marinades as well. They also give you the estimated time for each recipe. 30- 45 minutes are required to prepare the meals.

Note that you will have to use some basic items such as salt, oil, and black pepper from your pantry. And some recipes might also force you to use more pots! So, be prepared for a lot of clean-up after dinner!

Green Chef Meals That We Enjoyed:

High-Quality Sustainable Ingredients

Green Chef is a certified organic meal service, and so they only use top-quality ingredients and products for their meals.

Not only do they produce high-quality ingredients free of GMOs, pesticides, and antibiotics their delivery kits are made up of corrugated cardboard having 40% of recyclable content. The company counterbalances 100% of its carbon emission and in-box plastic.

To obtain sustainable, high-quality protein, the company works with local farmers. This ensures that the meat fulfills the high animal welfare standards.

Incredible Flavor And Exquisite Taste

Honestly, the meals were pretty flavorful and bursting with uniqueness. Each recipe turned out to be the same as portrayed on the recipe card.

The variety and style we found in Green Chef should be praised. The pre-made sauces were fresh and gives your overall food that perfect balance and taste. They do not contain excessive preservatives or excess salt. The spice blends that come with meals were also well-portioned. It gave the recipes the restaurant-style touch without destroying the texture of the protein.

Simply put, meal kits by Green Chef are healthy, tasty, and worth a try.

Delivery, Canceling, Or Skipping Meals

Choosing a delivery day is totally up to you. From Monday to Saturday you can pick any day suitable for you. The company will deliver your order between 8. A.M to 8. P.M. Currently, the company delivers all across America except Alaska, Hawaii, and some parts of Louisiana.

During our Green Chef review, we tried to skip meals for 3 consecutive weeks. The process was smooth. All you have to do is go to your account settings and choose Skip Meals.

If you want to alter your order, it must be done before 11:59 p.m. EST at least seven days before the delivery.

Canceling the subscription is also quick, and you can deactivate your plan without any trouble.

Once your order is shipped out, you can track your meals through the Green Chef app or website. A feature not commonly found in other meal kit services.

How Much Does a Green Chef Cost?

While reviewing the Green Chef meals, we realized that each meal plan is differently charged. Green Chef is more towards the expensive side of the spectrum. You can order 2-4 meals for up to six people at a time.

The meals are charged between $11- $13 per serving on your meal plan. The Keto + Paleo diet with four meals per week and two servings will cost you around $100 per week.

If you are looking for a cheaper combo, choose something from a Balanced Living or Plant-Based meal plan. Three meals with two servings will cost you about $72 shipping cost excluded.

The most expensive option is four meals with six servings on the Keto + Paleo diet plan. The cost of this meal is $276.

A 9.99% shipping cost is applied to all deliveries.

Eco-friendly Packaging

The company is genuinely committed to sustainability. And as we review Green Chef packaging, we realize the company stays true to its commitment.

So, insulations, ice packs, plastic and paper bags, sauce packets, and all other packaging material within the box is recyclable, reusable, and compostable. While reviewing Green Chef packaging, we love that every package has detailed information about recycling the material properly.

Who Can Benefit From The Service?

The service is specifically ideal for home chefs who love cooking but wish for more variety. Home cooks who natal more healthy meal plan for their household can benefit from the service.

Besides if you love premium organic food or a diet high in fiber it will be a good idea to pick meals from Green Chef.

Lastly, people following Keto or Paleo diet can greatly benefit from Green Chef recipes.

Customer Service

We found the customer service at Green Chef friendly and responsive. They are ready to answer your queries and help you out in any situation.

You can have a live chat with the representative team on their website. Or you can give them a quick phone call at 888-236-7295.

The FAQ section on the company website is also informative. [email protected]


Why is Green Chef expensive?

Green Chef only uses certified organic ingredients which makes it a bit expensive as compared to other meal kit delivery services. Besides, the shipment cost further increases the price.

How long do ingredients from Green Chef remain fresh?

Green Chef uses organic with zero additives. This combined with he insulated packaging used during the transit keeps the ingredients fresh for up to five days after the arrival.