The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Kits for Nutritious and Tasty Dishes

By Jennie •  Updated: 03/26/23 •  5 min read

With over 10 vegan meal delivery services operating in the Unites States it is not easy to find the right one for you. To help you find the best vegan meal kit, we’ve reviewed the top providers for variety, cost, delivery options and other features.

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With vegan meal delivery US, you can enjoy healthy, affordable, and convenient meals at home. It is not an easy task to be vegan and make sure you get all the necessary vitamins in. Vegans do not eat meat or fish but not like vegetarians they do not eat  any animal made ingredients either for example vegans will not eat eggs. However, now with the new meal kits phenomena it can become much easier to consume great vegan food.

Vegans now have the option to choose from ready to cook or ready to eat meals that do not contain animal by-products. Fortunately, there are many good vegan delivery kits services that operate across the United States. The options vary by price, recipes, and delivery areas and in this article we will review some of the best brands in the US that offer vegan meals. 

What is Vegan Meal Delivery?

Vegan meal delivery is a convenient meal delivery service that targets people who are observing a strictly vegan diet. Meaning, these are people who abstain from eating animal products because of environmental, ethical, and health concerns.

There are two main types of vegan meal deliveries in the USA – ready to eat and ready to cook. With ready to eat meals, they are chef-prepared and delivered cooked. All that you need to do is to reheat the meals when it is time to eat. In contrast, ready to cook meals are delivered in the form of fresh ingredients, including meat, vegetables, and seasonings. They also come with recipe cards which means that you will be the one cooking these meals. 


Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service

 1. HelloFresh

Free Dessert For Life + First Box Ships Free + 16 Free Meals!

HelloFresh is one of the leading meal kit delivery companies in the US. They deliver pre-portioned ingredients in insulated boxes, making sure that they stay fresh until it reaches your kitchen. Each box has seasonal and fresh ingredients. They come with easy to follow recipe cards.  

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HelloFresh offers 4 vegetarian recipes each week as part of the Classic Plan. These recipes are made of a wide variety of vegetables and seasonal fruits. So while there is no specific Vegan plan, their menu consists of recipes that can be ideal for vegans. You just need to check out the classic plan and make sure it fits your diet. In addition, all ingredients are delivered fresh so if you are a vegan, you can customize your ingredients in the box that suits your diet.

Cost/Minimum Order: As low as $59.95 per week for two recipes for two people. Minimum of two recipes for two servings. Price per serving as low as $7.49

Average Weekly Meals: Three to four recipes per week.

Availability: Deliver to 95% of the US, except for Alaska and Hawaii.

What we liked:

  1. You can skip a week or cancel anytime
  2. You can customize your box
  3. Environment conscious, take part in a recycling program

What we did not like:

  1. Not enough Vegan Options 
  2. Portions are not so large

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Why Should You Consider Vegan Meal Delivery?

Opting for a vegan meal delivery service comes with a multitude of benefits.


Firstly, these services offer unparalleled convenience. You no longer need to worry about shopping for fresh produce or other cooking ingredients. Everything you need for a delicious, vegan meal is delivered straight to your doorstep.


Secondly, you can save money. Ordering food from restaurants can quickly become expensive. With a vegan meal delivery service, you get restaurant-quality meals at a fraction of the cost.


Thirdly, you save a significant amount of time. No more driving to the grocery store or waiting in long checkout lines. This time can be better spent on other important tasks or simply relaxing.

Environmental and Ethical Impact

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for vegans, is the positive impact on the environment and animal welfare. By choosing not to consume meat or any animal by-products, you’re promoting the ethical treatment of animals and helping to save the environment. Vegan meal delivery services make this noble choice even easier to maintain.


What are vegan meals?

Vegan meals do not include meat and animal by-products. The most common foods that you will eat in vegan meals include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. You can also eat breads, pasta, and dairy alternatives as long as they do not have any ingredient from animals.

How much does a vegan meal delivery cost?

This depends on where you will order. Vegan meals can be more difficult to prepare because of the special ingredients required, and this will have an impact on price. On average, they will be anywhere from $5 to $15 per meal.

Final Verdict

Vegan meal delivery is highly recommended for busy vegans. Whether you are a young urban professional or college student, if you want to enjoy healthy meals at the convenience of your home, consider the brands mentioned above. They offer ready to eat and ready to cook vegan foods ideal for anyone who has a busy lifestyle.

Be Careful

If you have any food allergies, we recommend to double check the brand website as a precaution measure as recipes and ingredients change frequently.