Meal Kits Comparison

There are plenty of meal delivery companies on the US market. How do you select which one is the best for you? One way would be to try them all. This would take you some time, but you will definitely know which company you and your family like most. Another way is to trust those people who publish their reviews on various consumer reporting sites. The downside of this approach is that many people feel the urge to publish a review only when they are dissatisfied with the menu, the recipe, the quality of product, the packaging, or delivery service of one meal kit company or another. 

Many customers like the service but even if they compared meal kits from the different companies they do not care to publish their reviews anywhere.  Those people who do publish their meal kit comparisons usually like one side and decide the other, so their meal kit comparisons are hardly ever objective. This is why we decided to compare meal kits and publish our objective comparisons so that you have a chance to make an educated choice and select the meal kit company that fits you best.

How We Compare Meal Kits

For our meal kit comparisons, we tried to stay as objective as possible. We compared all companies on the same parameters, and we tried to include as many parameters as possible.

We started with looking over the broad features of the companies, such as their age and overall availability, and then moved on to more specific details.

Meal Kit Pricing

One of the first questions that the customers have when they select their meal kit companies that how much it will cost them. Some people might think that this is an expensive service that only rich business people can afford. This is not the truth.  Meal kits companies try to cover a large chunk of the food market offering their services to as many people as possible. There is a spectrum of prices that includes not only high-priced services but also more budget options. Besides, many companies offer to sign up deals, such as a certain amount or a percentage off your first several meal kits, or add extra items to your order as a gift.

Meal Kit Delivery

While selecting a meal kit delivery company, many people have questions about the actual delivery part of it. Will it deliver to my area? To my house? To my office? Do I need to be present at the moment of delivery?  Do I need to sign the delivery slip? Should I ask my neighbor to sign for me? Will they leave the package on my porch? When we compare meal kit companies, we always try to give the answers to these questions and tell you as much about each company’s delivery process as possible.

Compare Menu Options

While reviewing meal kit delivery services, we noticed that their meal selection varies a lot from company to company. Some companies offer over 20 meals each week to choose from, while others only have three. This variety reflects customer preferences: some people never eat the same meal twice, while others don’t like to try new flavors or textures and prefer to eat familiar food. This is why we always describe menu options when we compare meal kits so that our customers could match the company’s menu to their food preferences.

Some meal kit companies also offer a special menu for vegetarians, low-carb or keto diet followers, diabetics, kosher or halal food observers, and more. We always try to reflect these options in our meal kits comparison and give examples from the actual menu of the company.

Help and Support Comparison

One of the most frequent topics that customers mention in their meal kit reviews is the customer support of the company. This is why we decided to include this part in our meal kit comparison. We look at how many means of communication the customers have and what issues they address in their Frequently Asked Questions section. The most popular means of communication are phone and email, but some companies take a step further and include a live chat and social network messengers to make access to their customer service agents as quick and convenient as possible.

Cancellation and Refund Policy Comparison

The last but not least item on our meal kit comparison list is the cancellation and refund policy. The majority of the meal kit delivery companies offer subscriptions to their services. On the one hand, this is very convenient because the customers don’t have to remember to make orders every week. On the other hand, life changes, as well as customer preferences. They used to like meal kits from a particular company, but now they want to try something else. The worst-case scenario is that they did not like certain parts of their order and would like to return and get a refund.

We compare the ways the companies address these issues. Some companies have cut-off dates well in advance, while others allow 24-hour notice. Some companies have “no questions asked” policies, while others require a reason for cancellation. All these and other details related to cancellation and refund are reflected in our meal kit comparison pages.

Final Words About Meal Kit Comparison

There is such a big variety of meal kit delivery services in USA that it is always good to know how one meal kit company compares to another. One company offers a bigger menu, while the other offers better prices. One company delivers all over the country, while the other serves only local customers. It would take quite some time and money to compare meal kits personally, so we here we do it for you. We have created meal kits comparison pages for the most popular companies on the US market: for example Chefs Plate vs HelloFresh. We hope that this information will help you make an educated choice and select the best meal kit company in USA for you and your loved ones.

Chefs Plate vs HelloFresh

Chefs Plate vs HelloFresh

Chefs Plate VS HelloFresh: We take a look at the leading meal service providers to see how they compare to each other