Veestro Review: Pros & Cons in 2023

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  9 min read

Veestro makes plant-based diets easy. They deliver premade vegan and vegetarian meals to costumers all over the US.

$1.49 Per Serving

First and foremost, let’s delve a little more into the origin of this vegan meal delivery service and what it provides. This meal kit delivery service was initiated back in 2012 when the siblings realized a niche in the food market. They collaborated with chefs and marketing professionals to establish their project.

Now, they provide gourmet, organic, healthy, sustainable plant-based foods and meal plans for their large customer base. The idea behind the company is that people are now too busy to focus on making healthy meals for themselves and find it easier to consume things that are quick and readily available. 

Unfortunately, those things are not as nutritious as they should be. That’s where Veestro meal delivery services come in. It provides its customers with delicious, quick, plant-based, homemade healthy meals at their doorstep.

These are vegan meals created by a chef with more than 30 years of experience. The customer is also aware of the calories and nutrients in the fresh vegan meals and can pick based on their preferences. In their own words, they are “here to please, with plants.”

Veestro meals

Veestro provides a wide variety of vegan meals options and healthy meals for people opting for a vegan diet. There are also different vegan meals plans based on how many meals you would like to get.

Apart from this, you can either choose the a la carte menu or the chef’s choice, or you can opt for their weight loss meal plans. The menu showcases a variety of cuisines and you can pick plant-based meals and gluten-free meals from different cuisines based on your liking.

A La Carte Plan

The a la carte plant provides a la carte option, and you can pick between 10 meals, 20 meals, or 30 meals. The menu is divided into breakfast options and entrees, and you can choose as many individual meals as you like based on your plant-based diet meal plan.

Currently, the website displays 62 different options, and many of them are dairy-free, kosher, soy-free, and nut-free. So you can choose meals based on your food preferences and restrictions.

Chef’s Choice

This is a menu curated by the chefs themselves based on customer favorites. You can also opt for the high protein or the gluten-free menu.

It, too, comes as a 10, 20, and 30 meal plan. You can also pick whether the plan is delivered to you every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. 

Weight Loss Plan

If you are looking to lose weight, Veestro also caters to you. Veestro has two different meal plans available in its weight loss category.

It offers a 5 day and a 7-day meal plan with 15 and 21 meals, respectively. The menu is slightly smaller, with 38 entrée options and six breakfast options. Again, many of these are dairy-free, kosher, nut-free, and gluten-free.

The calories for each meal are also visible on the website, so you can pick meals based on your taste and opt for low-calorie food items. Despite being healthy and vegan, the meals are still delicious and filling. 

Some Frozen Meals You Should Go For

We tried and tested a lot of frozen meal options from Veestro. While all of them were healthy and tasty meals, some meal packs stood out more than the rest.

Top 5 Meals that Stole the Show 

  1. Chick’n Nuggets: The vegan version of this childhood comfort food is available for both a la carte plans and the weight loss menu and comes with a side of BBQ sauce and has been described by others as a favorite meal, especially for children who can’t get enough of fast food.
  2. Pasta Bolognese: This was another customer favorite. The pasta is spinach-based. Usually, the sauce features meat, but Veestro’s version has a savory red sauce made from mushrooms and eggplant. Especially for their customers that want flavorful food while eating healthy. Apart from this, some other noteworthy Italian dishes are their Mushroom Risotto and Veggie Lasagna.
  3. Enchilada Casserole: The Enchilada Casserole features amazing Mexican flavors that are perfectly balanced and make for a fantastic dinner-time meal.
  4. Red Curry with Tofu: This dish is an absolute must-try. You can tell that the chef’s heart and soul went into its preparation. It has the bold flavors you expect from an excellent red curry, and everything is cooked to perfection. You can not get enough of this. You can pair this with their Soba Noodles and Pad Thai for an eastern menu. 
  5. Quinoa Soup: This soup is a great on-the-go light lunch. The chickpeas are cooked perfectly, and unlike other frozen meals where they can become a bit mushy, these are perfect. All the ingredients harmonize to create a delicious meal.

Veestro Meal Pricing 

The prices are a bit high compared to other meal delivery services, but that is understandable considering that all the items are vegan, fresh, home-cooked, and require no additional cooking.

Each meal plan has a different price, and the larger the meal plan, the lower the amount for each individual meal. 

Price for A La Carte menu

Price for the Weight Loss Menu:

The prices for each meal remain the same regardless of which plan you choose to go for. Each meal costs $11.93 for both the 7-day plan and the 5-day plan.

Price for the Chef’s Choice:

The total will come to $117 for every delivery.

Veestro Meal Delivery Services and Shipping

Veestro ships to all contiguous 48 states. Different states have different delivery times ranging from 1-4 working days. The shipping cost is free if you subscribe to an auto-delivery order like Chef’s Choice. If it is a one-time order, you will have to pay a $9.99 shipping fee. 

All the food is packaged and frozen and comes with dry ice to ensure that it stays cold. Once you receive your food, it is recommended that you remove the dry ice and place your meals in the freezer.

Veestro Food Quality 

The food quality is excellent. Despite being frozen, the meals do not taste so after being reheated. The freshness of the produce is maintained, and each meal is rather enjoyable.

Plus, all the meals are pre-made, so there’s no cooking involved, which helps someone who is on the go but still wants nutritious and delicious meals.

Veestro Packaging

Veestro’s packaging is another aspect that hints at their attention to detail and the care with which they serve their customers. All the meals are frozen and placed in a box with dry ice to keep them safe during shipment.

The individual meals are placed in compostable trays that are microwave and freezer safe and easy to stack and store.

The meals are sealed with a BPA-free plastic coating that is recyclable. Even the cardboard boxes are recyclable, so almost everything is environmentally friendly. 

The Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery Service: Ordering Process and Order Cancellation

To place an order, you can visit the Veestro website. You then have to choose the menu you plan you would like to opt for. Then you pick your meals from the a la carte or weight loss or chef’s choice menu and can go for one-time delivery or a one-dish plan subscription, which can let you save 10% plus free shipping. 

For recurring orders, Veestro also offers a Recurring Billing Policy for Auto-delivery Meal Plans Services. If you enroll in any auto-delivery services, you agree to purchase an auto-renewal subscription every week. You will receive your meals according to the frequency selected unless you pause or cancel.

If you want to cancel or pause your order subscription, you can head to your ‘My Account’ page and click on the “Manage Subscriptions.” You will receive an email before the processing of your payment, and after that, you will have three days to modify, skip, or cancel your payment. If you go beyond that and your order has been shipped, you will not receive a refund for your cancellation. 

Veestro guarantees that their subscription plans bear no commitments, so you may customize, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. 

Who Is the Perfect Veestro Costumer?

Veestro is an excellent vegan meal delivery service for anyone looking into meal deliveries and vegan food. If you feel you don’t have enough time to prepare healthy and delicious meals, Veestro is an excellent vegan meal delivery service for you.

If you are looking for good vegan food options and find it easier to order food than cooking it yourself, again, it is a good idea for you to subscribe to Veestro as everything is pre-made and all you need to do is heat it.

However, if you are looking for a creative meal plan with many options for breakfast or are looking for something cheap, Veestro might not be a good fit for you.


How long do Veestro meals last?

The meals are already frozen when they arrive. If you place them in the refrigerator, they will thaw in 1-2 days and can last a total of 3-5 days. But, if you put them in the freezer, they can last up to 8 weeks.

Are Veestro meals single serving?

Each meal is individually packed, and each is one serving. But you can mix different meals once you receive them and consume them as you see fit.

Worth it or not? Final Verdict

Our final thoughts for Veestro are that although it is one of the expensive meal delivery services, it is worth every penny. The food is high quality and is made with fresh ingredients, and it is a good initiative that can encourage people to move towards plant-based diets. Most meals taste amazing, and although there might be a few misses, most of the food is incredible. It also allows you to save time and be healthy and helps you transition to a vegan lifestyle.