Trifecta Review: Pros & Cons in 2024

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  9 min read

With Trifecta you can take control of your diet and get into the best shape of your life.

Best Premade Option

Did you vow to fit into your old jeans? But with your busy schedule, basic cooking skills, and little knowledge on preparing balanced meals, getting that perfect figure might not be easily manageable.

“Trifecta Nutrition,” an organic meal delivery service, sends its subscribers pre-cooked meals that are nutritionally balanced. Trifecta’s meals contain high-quality fresh ingredients and promote clean eating to achieve a fit body. The overall approach of Trifecta is to help fitness-focused individuals consume food that can help them achieve their fitness goals by following a healthy way. 

So, with fully prepared meals sitting on your doorstep every day, you can keep your diet plan right on your schedule.

Trifecta Review: What Is Trifecta Nutrition?

Trifecta is a meal delivery service introduced by three people: A brother, a sister, and a software entrepreneur. All the meals by Trifecta are vacuum-sealed and consist of high-quality, sustainable ingredients. The app is based on a “heat and eats” idea. 

The meals within the app have options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a third entree. This way Trifecta meal delivery service promotes healthy eating habits throughout the day. 

The fact we liked about Trifecta meals is how they support all sorts of meal plans from Keto to clean vegan. The surprise recipes you receive in the packaged meals depend upon your chosen meal plan. The cooked meals are packed in vacuum-sealed bags and are shipped in cooler boxes, keeping them fresh for hours to come.

According to the testimonials on the website, Trifecta meals are ideally suited for performance athletes. People following low carb and high-protein diets can also benefit from this meal delivery service. The service may be a bit pricey, but since you will be getting everything done, it’s pretty fair in the end.

Trifecta Review: How does it work? 

To get started with Trifecta Nutrition, you can either log in through the website or download the app from the Play Store. After signing up with the meals delivery service, you can choose from various meal plans. 

After choosing a plan and adding grocery items from la carte options, you can easily create a free account using your email. You can order meals for five to seven days per week.

We love the fact that you have varieties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at one place. But on the flip side, you must order at least seven meals per week (starting cost $109). Orders are delivered from Friday through Saturday.

You can skip or change your meal plans between Thursday through Saturday. Scheduling your deliveries is also an option offered by Trifecta Nutrition. Whether you want your meals delivered to you once a month or every other week, the choice is yours. 

Trifecta Meals Review

Trifecta Nutrition is famous for delivering nationally balanced meals to its subscribers. You might have to compromise on flavor, but considering your strict fitness routine, they have perfect dishes for you.

Trifecta has a rotating weekly menu. Dieticians put all the meals together to lose weight the healthy way.

Trifecta’s meals are classified into five categories:

However, the Trifecta meal delivery service does not give you the freedom to choose your meals. All the recipes are picked and prepared by the chef. The meal delivery service makes sure the meal kits contain healthy organic recipes full of nutrition.

Note that under these meal plans, you cannot choose a specific third entrée and sides.

Classic Meal Plan

For picky eaters wanting specific meals in their meal kit, the Classic Meal Plan is more suitable for your taste. All the meals contain meat, fish, sweet potato, rice, and mixed vegetables. You also get the choice of adding a third entrée to your order. But you won’t get spicy seasoning and a hot sauce with your custom menu.

If you have food allergies and want to customize your meals further, you can swap certain ingredients from your menu. But on the downside, it permits users to exclude up to two ingredients at a time.

Á LA Carte Meal Service

This particularly grabbed our attention during our Trifecta review was their à la carte meal service. Under this option, the meal delivery service supplies precious meat, fish, mixed vegetables, and grains.

In our opinion, they were cheaper than the other meal plans and even allowed you to cook your meals (in case you are in the mood for some instant cooking)

The meal may look extensive to you but have a closer look, and you will realize the recipes are a variation of the same foods. You can get pre-cooked lean proteins, wild-caught salmon, shrimp, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, white rice, and Portobello mushrooms are a few options you can order along with your meal plan. But the bulk order won’t allow you to enjoy the lush flavors of hot sauces that are a specialty of Trifecta’s meals.

Meals That We Loved

Trifecta vegan meal reviews were quite encouraging. But to keep things biased, we tasted different healthy meals by Trifecta nutritionists. 

We recommend you try these dishes if you are on a weight-loss mission.

Fresh And Organic Ingredients

Trifecta Nutrition maintains a very high standard for choosing ingredients for creating healthy recipes. 

The meals delivered by the company contain high-quality organic ingredients obtained from local farmers. Their website claims that they acquire lean meats humanely raised and grass-fed beef or bison. 

They have wild-caught salmon and free-range chicken. The pre-cooked meals are dairy and gluten-free

We loved the seasoning and sauces used by the nutritionists at Trifecta. The flavorful hot sauce and the spices gave perfect taste to every meal delivered by the service. The herbs are used in a balanced way which preserves food quality even after reheating the meals. 

Nutritional Value Of Trifecta Meals

Unlike other meal delivery services, Trifecta Nutrition ensures you achieve your weight loss goals by eating healthy food. 

To prepare nutritionally balanced meals, the company uses a macronutrient balance. Trifecta meals contain 300-500 calories per serving. Monitoring your calorie intake with prepared meals helps you achieve weight loss goals more quickly.

Most Trifecta meals are rich in proteins such as chicken breasts, salmon, mahi-mahi, turkey, and grass-fed beef but low in calories. You won’t find any empty carbs or high cholesterol food in your meals. This makes them perfect for athletes and people looking for ways to cut calories.

For the record, eating meals rich in protein help you stay full for long periods. This makes it easy to regulate your appetite.

To brief you about the nutritional value of your meals, every meal contains a nutritional label at the back. It includes information on the ingredients and calories used with that specific meal. 

How Much Does Trifecta Cost?

The Trifecta pricing plan for Clean, Paleo, and Keto meal plans starts at $109 for seven meals per week. This means per meal will cost you about $ 15.50 per meal. In comparison, the Vegetarian and Vegan meal plan is $114 for 10 meals.

The Classic meal plan and the la carte starting at $120 per week. If you place an individual order for meat, fish, grains, and veggies, it starts at $10 a week and then goes up according to the products you choose. Shipping cost is included in every meal plan.

The best part about the service is that if you skip a week, you won’t be charged for that particular week. This gives you the flexibility to skip or pause your weekly subscription any time you have leftovers for the next day.

Get Support From Trifecta App 

Trifecta Nutrition not only delivers balanced meals at your doorstep but also tries to educate its subscribers using different resources.

Online blogs, training articles, healthy diet recipes, and the Trifecta app are ways subscribers can fully connect with their team. The app helps you with your workout and has a food and movement log. It also has a Trifecta Me Challenge to share your weight loss journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Trifecta meals last?

Trifecta meals arrive in a box that contains ice packs and are vacuum sealed to make sure the meals remain fresh. If the seal is intact, the meals can be stored in the refrigerator for 6-10 days.

Does Trifecta use biodegradable packaging material?

The meal boxes delivered by Trifecta are 100% biodegradable and can be easily recyclables in the curbside trash bin.

Is Trifecta suitable for people suffering from allergies?

Trifecta meals may not be a good choice for picky eaters who want flavors in their meals. Since you cannot customize your menus, Trifecta is also not suitable for people suffering from food allergies.