SunBasket Review: Pros & Cons in 2024

By Jennie â€˘  Updated: 01/12/23 â€˘  8 min read

Sunbasket is a reputable healthy cooking company that delivers organically grown ingredients and simple-to-make recipes for healthy meals.

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Sun Basket offers unique, pre-portioned goods together with simple recipe directions. It’s a weekly subscription-based fresh meal service that provides a mixture of healthy meals, starring locally enriched components. You can cook like a professional chef without the trouble of shopping, searching for, and preparing ingredients with dishes starting at $8.99 only.


  • You have the option to cancel at any time,
  • The mobile app that is simple to use,
  • Reasonable pricing,
  • Meals are described in-depth on the internet,
  • Almost every part of the country, it’s being served.


  • No specific vegan plan.

Sun basket – a basket full of heavenly aroma

You don’t just eat better at Sun basket; you enjoy the finest. Every week, a team of dedicated chefs, award-winning and registered dietitians who’ve cooked at the country’s top restaurants collaborate to generate a modern menu.

The delicious cuisine prepared from pure, high-quality ingredients and organically grown vegetables is always available for everyone. Sun basket delivers healthy meals for numerous tastes and lifestyles, from heat-and-eat meals to cooking kits.

Sun basket selection – meals & recipes that augment your health

Sun basket allows you to customize your cuisine and ingredients. They have a meal option that meets your every schedule, from the fresh & available meals that are readily possible in short as four minutes to cooking kits with vegan recipes. And with two dozen nutritious, fresh meals on the weekly menu, there’s plenty of that: high protein and carb-free options, gluten-free components, home-cooked meals, speedily dinners, and so much more. Follow a food plan or choose from their widespread menu.

Sun basket – who should refill their energies from it?

Sun Basket is an ideal substitute for professional schedules who have not had time to go food shopping or experiment with new recipes but still want to serve their children delicious and balanced food frequently. With this meal kit delivery service, you won’t have to spend a fortune eating out or wasting hours each night making supper – Sun basket will allow you to have exquisite food on the plate in as little as four minutes.

Sun basket – Who isn’t a fan of Sun basket?

Because Sun basket does not feature distinct gluten-free, vegan, calorie-control, or other dietary plans. It may not be a good alternative for persons with severe allergies and strong dietary requirements. However, the company does provide a vegetarian-friendly meal plan. Additionally, their website shows the components and nutritional purposes of all of their meals, allowing you to select only the appropriate meals for you. Because each ingredient is shipped separately, you can swap out the ingredients you don’t want for alternatives once your kit comes to your doorstep

Sun Basket – meal plan delivery mechanism

        I.            Let’s begin with dinner

From the weekly meal delivery plan menu, choose four or more meals. Meal kits are accessible in 2 or 4 portions of food, Single-serving Fresh & Ready meals are obtainable. The cost of a dinner meal starts at $9.99 per person. Meal plans are created specifically for you. Find a suitable meal plan that suits your preferences, or combine any weekly dishes.

      II.            Breakfast, lunch, and more can be added to your personalized meal plan

Then, to complete your supper meal delivery plan, choose from various select add-ons, including quick breakfast and lunch options, nutritious appetizers, and premium meats.

   III.            Enjoy your lunch delivery when it’s convenient for you

Your order is delivered to your door warm-packed & ready to eat. Simple cooking or heat-only instructions should be followed. You have the option to skip a week or cancel your meal plan at any given time.

Sun Basket’s ordering

Sun Basket’s delivery is a user-friendly website that makes ordering simple. They have a specialized mobile app as well. To begin, select recipes from their weekly menu and the number of dishes and items you want in your box. The company will compile the meal kit and bring it to your door once you order. You may start cooking like a chef as soon as you receive your Sun basket special box, which includes all pre-packaged cooking techniques. Even beginners will enjoy all of the Sun basket’s dinners.

Meals to try

Sun Basket – meal alternatives

You’ll find a wide variety of food alternatives at Sun basket. You’re covered from breakfast to dinner, including snacks. In addition to selecting individual goods, you can also order a meal plan. The following are the available meal plans:

The Sun basket differentiation

        I.            Ingredients’ matter

Tasty food begins with wonderful ingredients, which start with a courteous and sensitive relationship with the environment. That’s why they collaborate with the smartest producers, herders, and fishermen—people who are well off to provide for the land and animals in their treatment. They seek to practice 100% organically harvesting food in all of their meals.

      II.            Sustainability is not a choice

They are constantly thinking about their next meal, but they are also assessing the impact of the next 1,000 feeds. Everything they do is designed to be environmentally friendly, beginning with the reality that supermarket shopping emits 33% more emissions than meal kit distribution.

Meal kits can help prevent food waste by supplying the precise amount of each ingredient. There will be no more fading cilantro bunches in your refrigerator. While most of the packaging is now biodegradable or compostable, they are pushing limits to make it 100 percent recyclable or reusable.

   III.            Progress by giving back

It’s important to remember that life is a two-way street. Every relationship, whether with the bodies, other people, or the natural world, necessitates equality. Giving back is an essential part of the people and as a company. Sun Basket’s Feed It Forward initiative also distributes nutritious meals to frontline workers, people with cancer, and hungry people.

Cancellation and refund policy for Sun basket

Sun basket allows you to cancel for free, but you must do it before the slashed time. Your order will be delivered as expected if nothing goes wrong. To cancel an order, select the week you want to cancel the order. You’ll be taken to a page that lists all menu options. Click the Cancel Delivery icon in the top right corner. Within five to seven days, you will receive a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Sun basket meals always stay fresh & crispy?

It’s recommended that cook seafood within the next three days of order receipt while all other types of meats must be consumed within 5 days of order voucher.

Where does Sun basket food come from?

All the beneficial ingredients are directly sourced and obtained from California Farms.

Information & Assistance

You may contact Sun basket in various ways, whether you want to learn more about their meal plans or check on the status of your purchase. Live chat would be the most convenient method. You can use the website’s chat widget to communicate with one of their customer service specialists via Messenger.

Final Verdict

In summary of the above context, Sunbasket emphasizes health and sustainability, with dishes produced by top chefs that are Paleo, gluten-free, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, carb-conscious, Mediterranean, “fast and easy,” diabetes-friendly, and “lean and clean.”

The eggs are kosher, and all meat ingredients are antibiotic- and hormone-free. They exclusively use wild-caught seafood that has been approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program when it comes to fish.

You can choose from over 20 weekly dishes, including oven-ready plates, pre-prepped servings, and classic meals that still require you to do all the chopping; servings range from two to four.