Purple Carrot Review: Pros & Cons in 2024

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  8 min read

Purple Carrot stands out from other meal delivery companies by being a purely vegan meal deliver service, focused on delivering delicious plant-based ingredients for tasty healthy recipes.

$1.49 Per Serving


  • Healthy and Fresh Meals
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Variety of Meal Options
  • Good Microwave-safe packaging
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Does not cater to all dietary restrictions.
  • It is slightly more expensive compared to other meal delivery services.
  • Requires good cooking skills.

Why does Purple Carrot promote a plant-based lifestyle?

Purple carrot is amongst one of the many US-based meal kit companies which also deals in nutritious prepared meals. Since obesity is a significant health issue in most of the United States, purple carrot recipes and plant-based, low-calorie meals aim to target the problem at its very core. Purple carrot works to provide people with entirely plant-based meal options that are also incredibly mouth-watering to promote a healthy, plant-based diet lifestyle. On that note, purple carrots prepared meals, and plant-based recipes have been clinically proven to show impressive results in just 4 weeks which include noticeable weight loss and lower LDL cholesterol levels in consumers. Not to add, purple carrot’s meal kits are known to reduce the release of carbon by approximately 72% compared to an average American meal. This signifies that purple carrot work is not just a friend to human health but also to the environment.

How does Purple Carrot Work?

Purple carrot’s website has an incredibly user-friendly interface. It is straightforward to sign up and subscribe to a weekly plan. Once you have signed up for a weekly subscription, your package will be automatically delivered to you weekly. Not just this, but there is no membership fee whatsoever, and you can easily unsubscribe to the purple carrot plan at a given time. In addition to this, in case you do not want to cancel your subscription and are just looking to skip weeks, Purple carrot has got your back. You can easily skip a week’s meal and not be charged for it, so long as you do it in due time. Moreover, Purple Carrot also retains customer information which means that even if you have deactivated your account for some time, you can easily get your subscription back without repeating the signup process.

How to Curate a Meal Plan on Purple Carrot?

Not having to decide meal plans every week is one good thing about subscribing to a meal delivery service since deciding a meal every day or even making meal plans every week can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Not to add, it takes away the regularity from meals and presents you with different types of recipes and meals to try every time.

Such is also the case with Purple Carrot. With purple carrot, you do not have to choose your meals as their culinary team prepares a menu with delicious and exotic dishes for you to try every week and takes off the task of planning out meals from your hands. However, if you wish you have something different from the meal plans that they have picked out for you, then you absolutely can as

Plant Carrot allows you to choose and pick out your meals for yourself. So, in case you find yourself craving something different from the selected menu, worry no more as Plant Carrot has got you covered. You can choose and deselect meals on your cart to change meals and have at your service a meal plan that is completely tailored to your preferences. Keep in mind, though, that you can only change meals or make any other edits to your purple carrot order within a deadline, which is always by the end of Tuesdays, a week before your next delivery, and after then, no edits will be accepted. 

Plan Options and Pricing

Purple Carrot prices currently only have three meal options which can sometimes be a bit complicated considering varying appetites of people and different sizes of families.

Purple Carrot Two Serving Plan – $11.99 per serving

The first plan is a two-serving plan which includes 3 dinners, each consisting of two servings. This essentially adds up to 6 servings per week. However, you can add up to six meals which make up for 12 servings in a week. This plan could be ideal for single people or small families. Whether you add two dinners, three dinners, or six dinners entirely depends on the number of servings you need. This plan starts at $71.94

Purple Carrot Four Serving Plan – $9.99 per serving

This plan is ideal for families who need to follow a weekly diet. It allows you to choose from 2 or three meals, each consisting of 4 servings. This makes for 8 or 12 servings per week, depending on which option you choose. Like the first plan, you can also add more meals to this plan. This plan starts at $79.92 per week.

Purple Carrot One Serving Prepared Plan – $12.99 per serving

Unlike the first two purple carrot plans, this plan does not come with a meal kit but prepared meals that require heat. This plan allows you the freedom to choose from 6 to 10 meals per week. This plan starts at $77.94 per week.

Purple Carrot Extras – $18 per meal

If you like the dinners arriving weekly and the fully prepared purple carrot meals, you can also add up to three extras which are breakfast and lunch meals made of plant-based ingredients. Each purple carrot breakfast extra makes up 4 servings, while lunch extras make up two servings. Each lunch serving costs around $8.99, while breakfast serving costs around $4.49 each.

In addition to this, you can also add a few items depending on the unused space left in your box. If you like vegan meals, you would like this feature since this allows you to explore vegan recipes and items such as vegan cheese to make all the vegan food you want and enjoy yummy, healthy, plant-based eating. 

Does Purple Carrot Accommodate Various Different Dietary Restrictions?

Purple carrot meal kits usually include vegan food, green beans, whole foods, root vegetables, overnight oats, nut milk, and more plant-based diets. While Purple Carrot’s recipes review is excellent for vegan meals and gluten-free meals, it does not cater to every single dietary restriction. The meals do not cater specifically to people with food allergies. However, all ingredients are listed with the nutritional value of every meal under the nutrition section of each purple carrot’s recipe booklet. This way, you can avoid meals containing allergens and choose from meals that are more suited to your needs, such as high-protein meals.

Who are Purple Carrot plant-based meals Good for?

People who like plant-based cuisine. Purple carrot meal kit predominantly consists of vegan or gluten-free meals, so meat-eaters will probably not like this service. In addition to this, the recipes are very elaborate, which means that people who like to cook would like this service particularly more than other meal delivery services. However, people who are in a time crunch may not find this service suitable for them since dishes may take a long time to prepare.

Customer Service

Purple carrot review proves that it provides excellent customer service. Their customer service representatives are very active and always quick to respond. Not only can you reach out to their support team via chat, but you can also get in touch with them through email and phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can purple carrot prepared meals be added to meal kits boxes?

Unfortunately, no. Specific temperature is required for both, thus making them difficult to be shipped together. Hence, Purple Carrot does not allow this feature. However, meal plans can be changed and edited weekly to opt for one or the other.

How long do purple carrot meal kits stay fresh?

The meal will stay fresh for at least seven days after delivery. In addition to this, to maintain extra precaution, you can find the best sticker on every meal. However, to keep the meals fresh for longer, you should refrigerate them instead of freezing them.

What are the purple carrot meal preferences, and how can I choose them?

Our meal preferences include gluten-free choices, high protein choices, and quick and easy. However, these preferences are only available for the 2-serving plan. Gluten-free choices are made to be completely free of gluten; however, our processing facilities are not verified to be gluten-free; hence you should be careful if you have a gluten allergy.

High protein choices contain more than 20 grams of protein, and quick and easy meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare. In cases with no preferences, Purple carrot sends their Chef’s choice meals which are selected by their professional culinary team.

Final Thoughts

Purple Carrot is an excellent meal delivery service for those on specific vegan and gluten-free diets. It is much more suited for those who prefer to lead a healthy plant-based diet. It is slightly more expensive than other similar services, but the meals are of remarkable quality and incredibly fresh. If you enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, this might be the ideal service for you since it comes with exclusive weekly recipes and meals that change every 4-6 weeks. This service will tickle your fancy.