Nutritious Meal Kit Delivery in Pittsburgh

By Jennie •  Updated: 10/10/22 •  3 min read


Finally, you’ve left the office, but there’s nothing in the refrigerator. And to make matters worse, Prantl’s scorched almond torte is beckoning. Our partner meal kit companies are on a quest to bring organic, healthy meal kits to your door in an effort to simplify your life. A nutritious diet has never been more hassle-free.

Whenever You Want, Fantastic Food Will Be Available To You

Want to miss a week? Would you like to stop or stop your subscription? Would you want to order additional sides and snacks? Our partners have flexible meal kit plans that make this feasible because nobody wants to feel bound by a contract. Meal kit delivery companies make modifications easier so you can stop worrying about the little things and head to Grandview Park to enjoy the scenery.

Delivery Anywhere in Pittsburgh

Our quick meal kit delivery service will prevent you from wishing you were hungry right now from Fairywood to East Hills. No one likes waiting for their food, so skip the bothersome hunger feelings and tuck into any of our highly healthy “super meals” right away.

You Can’t Get Much Healthier than This.

Merely-picked food. 100% grass-fed beef. Plus, hand-selected, regionally produced ingredients. We eat it since it’s the healthiest type of fuel for our bodies. Excellent for everyone, including picky eaters.

Now Is The Time To Serve Your Perfect Diet

Skip the Pimanti Bros. Jumbo & Cheese in favor of a meal kit that will make you feel terrific. Our partners have your perfect meal kits planned up and ready to go, whether you follow a Keto, Paleo, or Vegan lifestyle. Additionally, it’s simpler than ever to keep on track thanks to precise calorie, macro, and micronutrient breakdowns and pre-portioned portions.

Meal Kits For a Perfect Health

Why not paddleboard or enjoy Mount Washington’s scenery instead of spending your entire Saturday doing laundry, cooking, and shopping? You can reclaim your time with our partner’s incredibly handy prepared meal kits.

Best Meal Kit Delivery Service in Pittsburgh

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We tried out the meal kits companies that deliver to Pittsburgh and have narrowed it down to the two best meal kit companies on our list: 

Blue Apron in Pittsburgh

Each week, Blue Apron offers a selection of about 12 different recipes, which provides a considerable amount of diversity. There are American dishes like Creamy Poblano Burger with Lemon Cotija Salad and NY Strip Steaks & Mole Sauce. Additionally, there are a few dishes with international influences, such as Cheesy Pork Chorizo Enchiladas with Bell Pepper & Rice and Sweet & Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry with Rice & Snow Peas.

The ingredients you need to prepare and cook the meals you choose are included in the weekly deliveries. Moreover, what distinguishes it from other services? There is also the opportunity to add wine and other market items like cookware and cutlery. Your at-home dining experience could be much improved by this.

Freshly in Pittsburgh

If you don’t have time to cook because of a busy schedule or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping materials, prepared meals from Freshly are a fantastic option. You’ll be able to stock up on as many meals as you need without having to cook twice with the more than 30 meal selections offered each week.

The meals contain just the proper amounts of healthy fats, lean proteins, and carbs that are high in fiber, thanks to some assistance from wellness specialists. Each recipe clearly lists all the ingredients if you have food intolerances.