Noom Review: Pros & Cons in 2023

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  9 min read

Noom is an online nutrition company that focuses on providing you with healthy diet to help you stay healthy and fit.

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With an extreme weight loss program and constant calorie tracking, you will surely lose weight along with getting those perfect curves. However, to avoid regaining your lost weight, you need to eliminate your bad eating habits. Noom’s diet plan helps you start a weight loss journey while encouraging you to develop a healthy lifestyle. 

Noom has taken an altogether different approach to help people search for ways to lose weight. It allows users to monitor their food intake and educate them on enjoying their favorite foods without gaining extra pounds. It focuses more on preventing weight gain by incorporating healthy eating habits in your daily life.

Noom claims that it is the last weight-loss program you’ll ever need. But does it truly live up to this statement? Let’s review Noom to discover how it can help you lose weight without putting any stigma on the food you love.

Benefits Of Using Noom:

What Is Noom Weight Loss Reviews?

Noom is a subscription-based weight loss app that stepped into the market in 2008. Initially, it was a fitness and calorie tracker. But in 2016, it was revamped as a behavioral program connecting you with nutritionists and wellness coaches. The app helped Noom dieters shape healthy habits while also shedding extra calories on the road.

Instead of implanting food restrictions and introducing tricky exercises, the Noom diet plan uses more of a psychological approach in changing the mental attitude of people towards weight loss. The Noom wellness program guides its subscribers in attaining a healthy weight. It also teaches users how a balanced food intake can help develop healthy habits that eventually result in sustained weight loss. 

Diet, exercise, altering eating habits, and an emphasis on consuming healthy nutrients are the core objectives of the Noom diet app. But how it changes your lifestyle with these tools makes Noom different from other weight loss apps. So, with Noom as your personal coach, you will experience behavioral changes towards food intake. At the same time, weight loss will be a natural outcome.

Noom app connects you with wellness coaches, organizes food logs, and keeps track of your weight loss progress. It also connects Noom dieters with the online community where they receive motivation for weight loss. These attributes make the Noom app a perfect personal coach readily available for you.

How Does Noom Work?

Getting started with Noom requires you to go through a whole list of questionnaires. Based on this knowledge, the app will then create a personalized diet plan and prepare a calorie budget for you. 

Noom Review: Sign Up Process 

After finishing the sign-in process, there is a 10-minute quiz. The questions are about your gender, age, height, body weight, and eating habits. It will ask you if you have depression, blood pressure, or heart disease. 

Then you have to set your weight loss goals and the timeframe for your weight loss journey. If you genuinely want to benefit from this wellness program, try to answer questions generously. Because during our Noom review, we realized the algorithm within the app uses this information for creating a more specified calorie budget.

Get Your Wellness Course

As soon as you finish the quiz section, the Noom diet app will then demand you to complete 10-mini lessons in the next 16 weeks. The courses in the Noom diet plan are designed to give you knowledge and skills in living a healthy life. Spend five minutes or spend 16 minutes a day on your wellness session. The choice is yours. The calorie budget within these sessions will help you healthily lose weight.

Meet Your Wellness Coaches

Two days into the program, it will connect you with a personal coach. The health coach will reach out to you after every two days. He will also send motivational messages to encourage you in your weight loss journey. By connecting you with a wellness coach, the Noom app keeps your spirit high and enables you to lose weight no matter what.

After a few days, the Noom weight loss program will allocate a group coach and peer group. The group coach administers the peer group, shares interesting weight loss tips, and interacts with individuals through comments. 

Quick Fact: the health and wellness coaches in the Noom app are approved by the National Consortium for Credentialing Health and Wellness coaches. They have 2000 hours of wellness experience. They combine their knowledge and expertise to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Plan

The final step is where the Noom weight loss app instructs you about your daily calorie intake. The calorie budget ensures fewer calories but sufficient nutrients in each meal. Our Noom review revealed that irrespective of your goal weight, Noom sets a bottom limit on total calorie intake per day. 

But to minimize the risk of developing eating disorders, the app keeps the calorie budget at 1200 (for women) and 1400 (for women).

To help you stay on track, the weight loss program demands you to maintain a food log. In your food log, you can record your daily food intake. It has Weight Logging and Exercises Logging features as well. All these aspects of the weight loss program help you count calories while also giving you an insight into how much weight you have lost.

How Long To Continue With The Noom Program?

Generally, the Noom weight loss program will last for four months. However, if you wish to develop healthy eating habits but want to avoid weight gain simultaneously, carry on with the Noom program for up to 12 months. 

Nutritional Philosophy

The nutritional value of this weight tracking system is based on the caloric density approach. By consuming low-calorie dense foods, you can easily manage to follow your calorie budget, lose weight, and manage a healthy lifestyle.

To help Noom dieters understand the caloric density of each meal, the app has divided food into their categories: green, yellow, and red. This technique enables you to visualize different foods you can eat within a day without skipping meals you find delicious. 

It is recommended to have a limited number of red foods. Because red foods have more calories and fewer nutrients, such as cakes, donuts, and biscuits). However, for developing healthy eating habits, the Noom program encourages you to eat more foods from green and yellow varieties. Besides, This color-coded food system makes it different from other weight loss programs and is perfect for losing weight.

Meals You Can Enjoy

To help you with the calorie counting process and keep the lost weight at bay, this weight loss program placed meals into food groups. 

The color-coded food system helps you calculate your daily calorie range. It recommends you eat 45% of yellow foods, 30% of green foods, and 25% of red foods. It also directs you to vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb diets. The food groups are designed based on their caloric density. The higher the caloric density of a food, the more full you will feel after each meal.

The green, yellow and red food groups are as follow:

How Much Does Noom Cost?

Noom is available on a monthly subscription plan. The subscription starts at $60 a month, which is costly compared to other weight apps. You will receive a discount if you purchase the program for multiple months at once. 

Each plan at Noom is personalized, so the duration of your subscription for the weight loss program also differs. It depends upon how many calories you want to lose. 

How Does Noom Differ From Weight Watchers?

The color-coded food system that the Noom program uses is similar to the point system used by Formerly Weight Watchers. The WW (Formerly Weight Watchers) uses a system to grade food. But since Noom tries to alter the behavioral changes related to food consumption and weight management, it differs from the formerly weight watchers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Noom offer a free trial program?

Yes, Noom does offer a seven-week free trial period. It currently offers a pick your trial price promotion. You can pay $0.50, $3, $10, or $18.37 for their trial.

Does Noom help you lose weight?

Noom has been successfully helping subscribers lose weight and maintain it in the long run. By developing a healthy relationship with food, the app incorporates eating habits that stay with you forever.