Marley Spoon Review: Pros & Cons in 2023

By Jennie •  Updated: 02/19/23 •  8 min read

Using recipes that come directly from Martha Stewart’s cookbooks, customers who sign up for Martha & Marley Spoon will be able to enjoy the highest quality signature dishes.

Up to 25 free meals


  • Special meals with a superfast cooking recipe.
  • Lots of options for vegetable lovers.
  • Reasonable for big families.
  • The non-entrée side of the menu is excellent for savoring your taste buds.


  • Shipping charges for each delivery.
  • No specialized meal plans for customers on Keto or low-carb diet.

When it comes to food variety, taste and flavor are what we all look for. To put a hot delicious meal ( or several meals ) on the dinner table requires multiple trips to the grocery store and an entire day spent in the kitchen. But by subscribing to a meal kit delivery service, you can easily enjoy the variation in your weekly meals. Martha and Marley Spoon is fulfilling the needs of U.S. foodies by bringing in cuisines, desserts, and flavors with their “40 meals a week” strategy.

Overview Of Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart owns the world of cooking, baking, and home entertaining. To further expand her world of recipes and cookbooks, she partnered with “Marley Spoon,” a German-based meal kit delivery service, in 2016. Although the company had offices in New York and Berlin, the partnership with Martha Stewart brings them much closer to their American subscribers.

The company then rebranded as Martha Stewart And Marley Spoon with its head office in New York. The company delivers meal boxes to almost every U.S. state and has three fulfillment centers in New Jersey, California, and Texas. It focuses on providing fresh ingredients along with a 6-step recipe for home chefs having basic culinary skills.

During a Martha and Marley Spoon review, we realized that the cooking expert handpicked recipes from her recipe collection. She put together chef-style meals that are blasting with flavor. We also love the extensive variety Marley Spoon bought for home cooks. Vegetarian, big-family meals, low-carb meals, appetizers, smoothies, and an occasional dessert in the meal plan brings in a good mix at a fair price.

How Does Marley Spoon Works?

To receive scrumptious meal kits from Martha and Marley Spoon, all you have to do is sign up for the service. Then you need to determine how many meals you want per week and the number of portions. You can also make your box vegetarian if you prefer a veggie diet. If you are not sure about your meal, let Marley Spoon decide for you, and you will be surprised when the next meal box arrives

After finishing the signup process, you can choose your weekly meal plans from the 27 recipes updated every week. The delivery box with fresh ingredients and a 6-step recipe card will arrive at your doorstep between 8. A.M and 8. P. M. on your scheduled day.

The best part about the service is that you can have a peek at the nutritional value of each menu on their website. You can also change and edit meals that are upgraded every week.

Overall, setting up your weekly delivery plan is easy and quick. And if you came up with any issues during the signup process, the customer service will willingly help you out.

Meals You Can Enjoy With Marley Spoon

The meal kit service is about how splendid the final dish comes out. There are some mixed reviews on Martha and Marley’s menu.

On the whole, the menu at Marley Spoon is lined-up with 27 varying meals classified into five categories. Vegan recipes are also available in the meal kits option. The service aims to spark the ingenious chef hidden inside you by laying down simple techniques for each recipe. The menu contains tags such as “healthy,” “kid-friendly,” “Family-friendly,” “gluten-free,” and more to help you create your weekly menu. The recipes with shrimp and salmon also turned out to be exceptionally good. To get detailed information on each menu, all you need to do is click on the recipe that looks appetizing.

Some top under 30-minute recipes you should order in your next weekly meal include:

Each recipe requires six manageable steps, which bring convenience to home chefs wanting great dishes for super.

Get Extra Portions In The Meal Kit

The best part about this service is how they throw in recipes for dessert, breakfast, smoothies, cookies, and holiday food.

If you are a coffee lover, the service also delivers single-serving coffee kits and milk from Drip kits. You can include add-ons to your meals before shipment also caught our attention. Extra protein packs of chicken breast, burger patties, seafood, beef, or pork chops can be ordered alongside your weekly meal kits.

Note: Marley Spoons use ingredients from top brands such as Parmesan Cheese from BelGioioso and canned tomatoes from Cento. All dairy products are pasteurized.

Freshness Of The Ingredients

As we move on with our Martha And Marley Spoon review, we discovered that the company uses seasonal produce to keep the ingredients fresh until they reach the kitchen. If you want to enjoy a mouthwatering appealing meal, it is best to:

Martha and Marley Spoon reviews confirm how fresh and flavorful each meal turned out to be. The company primarily uses organic products sourced from local suppliers.

Environmental Friendly Packaging

The detail to packaging is what makes Marley Spoon stand out from others. The company is trying its best to use recyclable products. It packages meals in paper bags. At the same time, the ingredients are packed in recyclable plastic.

The delivery pouches and linear boxes are weather-proof and can be recycled. The frozen gel packs are non-toxic, making them suitable for the trashcan. Some products do come in non-recyclable plastic packaging, but the ratio is relatively minimal compared to other meal kit services.

Who Is It Good For?

Our Martha and Marley review suggested that it is ideal for home chefs having basic cooking skills. If you know your way around the kitchen but are short on recipes, Marley Spoon is your best bet. The company brings forth ingredients and recipes from different cuisines to further polish their cooking skills. The service is also affordable for big families that require several meals for their dinner table.

Who Might Not Enjoy The Service

Although they have healthy gourmet dishes in their meal kits as they do not count the calories while organizing their menu. So, according to our Marley and Martha Spoon review, consumers on a strict calorie control diet, Keto-diet, or gluten-free may not find the service ideal to savor their taste.

Moreover, the service is not ideal for homeowners looking for pre-prepared meals. The service does not support users who want instant meals for their dinner without cooking.

How Much Does Marley Spoon Cost?

Reviews on Martha And Marley Spoon lend it to the fair side of the pricing spectrum. Surprisingly fewer meals per week with two servings will cost you more. In comparison, a six-meal per week plan with four servings is much cheaper. The shipment charges are standard for all sorts of meals, i.e., $8.99.

Can You Switch Meal Boxes?

While reviewing Martha and Marley Spoon, we came to know that you can switch between the family and two-person plan. You can do so by going to your account settings. Changing your weekly meal plans won’t affect your current order. Reach out to the customer care service at [email protected] if you wish to change your existing order.

Skip Or Cancel Meal Kits

To skip or cancel your weekly meal kits, go to your account settings and pause for meals. Making changes to your weekly subscription is an easy process. But do remember to make it five to six days before the scheduled delivery day. Canceling the subscription is also simple. Just open your account and cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Customer Care Service

You can contact Marley Spoon either through email at [email protected]. But Martha and Marley Spoon reviews on this matter turned out to be more on the opposing side. Customer service via email is slow and, at times, unresponsive.

If you want to connect with the brand directly, you can try the telephone number 866-228-4513. The representatives at the call center of the company are more supportive.


Are meals from Martha And Marley Spoon healthy?

The meals from Marley Spoon are purely healthy. For meals that are under 600 calories are marked as “Healthy”. Amazingly, the brand offers six healthy meals every week.

Does Martha and Marley Spoon supply ready-made meals?

Marley Spoon is working on developing Ready to Heat meals for their enthusiastic consumers. The ready-to-heat meals will be equally flavorful as the recipes are inspired by favorite Marley spoon recipes.