Gobble Review: Pros & Cons in 2024

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  8 min read

Gobble offers quick and easy dinners for a variety of diets.

Satisfying your appetite with a delicious homemade dinner is a far cry when you have an empty fridge and no stamina to get roasted in the kitchen. With cooking out of your suggestion box, the only thing that looks permissible is to order a meal kit service and get a fancy dinner in just 15-20 minutes.

Gobble also promises to bring great taste and easy-to-cook recipes for U.S. foodies short on time. Gobble operates on the mantra of “15-minutes and 1 pan”.

We gave Gobble a test drive to see the ups and downs of the service. So, let’s have a Gobble meal review to see if it is worth the time and money.


  • Prepped ingredients.
  • A great variety of seafood.
  • Healthy add-on options.
  • The flavor from different cuisines.
  • Dishes are easy to cook.


  • The service is a bit expensive.
  • Lots of plastic packaging.
  • Recipes are in PDF format.

Review Gobble In A Nutshell

Preparing a healthy dinner demands basic culinary skills and a lot of prep work. Buying groceries, cutting and chopping vegetables, and the most dreaded of all is the cleanup process after you are done. But Gobble promises to do the hard work for you.

The service claims that their boxes have chopped and measured ingredients. With the pre-prepared ingredients and recipes right inside the box, cooking is sure to come naturally!

You can enjoy a hearty dinner in just 15-minutes (according to the service). There are three subscription plans that you can choose from, with pricing being the same for each meal, i.e., $11.99 per person.

For people who love great food but are short on time and love to have a spick and span kitchen, Gobble is the best service to look up to.

Subscribing To Gobble Meal Delivery Service

The signup process is pretty straightforward. The website demands your email address, password, and zip code to create an account. The next step is to choose from the three available meal categories, including Classic, Vegetarian, and Lean And Clean. Choosing a single option helps the brand bring forth dishes based on your preference.

Next, the website requires you to schedule your first order. You have to determine the number of meals per week, the number of servings you want, and your residential address. After making the payment, you can thoroughly look at the menu and select dishes that seem like a treat for your stomach!

Unlike other meal kit delivery services, Gobble does not let you see the recipe’s details unless you swipe your credit card first. And even after subscribing to the service, the recipes are available in PDF format. This we found to be a bit strange during our Gobble review.

Gobble Meal Plans

Gobble Meal review led us to its three meal plan categories: Vegetarian, Classic, and Lean and Clean.

The company offers a diverse range of recipes featuring meat, fish, shrimp, and vegetables. Each dish contains detailed information about the ingredients. And recipes having gluten, wheat, or dairy product that might cause an allergic reaction are marked on the website. As we review Gobble meal kits, we like that the service gives specific instructions on how to exclude the given allergens without disturbing the taste of the recipe.

Going with the Classic Plan, the service will ask you about the type of protein you prefer. But other than that, organizing meal plans for the week is pretty simple.

You can order food for 2 or 4 people multiple times a week, depending on your needs. Every week Gobble rotates its dishes and gives you 23 choices, from which about 13 are entrée dishes. There are about four vegetarian and five seafood recipes every week.

Gobble also makes it easy to cancel or skip meals anytime, making it a convenient option.

Gobble Meal Review: Add-Ons

Proteins, vegetables, soups, salads, everything truly looks healthy and delicious even in the pictures.

Have a wholesome dinner by adding on dishes from the various assortment available in the weekly menu. Order salads, extra proteins, breakfast, soup, appetizers, desserts, anything that could add more flavor to your table. You get dinner and breakfast with just a single service, a fact we truly liked about Gobble.

You will get marinated, sliced, and chopped ingredients right at your home. And you can easily prepare a chef-style dish in just 15 minutes. I was also able to find some yummy-looking burgers and pasta for my kids. They turn out to be a day saver for me!

Each add-on will raise the total price of your meal box. But as they say, convenience comes at a cost.


Customization is another feature of Gobble that we found during our Gobble meal review. The service lets you swap major proteins in the recipe with something your taste bud prefers.

For instance, I am not a big fan of seafood. They had that Fish Tacos containing Fish fillets. I swapped it with chicken instead. So, that gave Gobble a positive review from my side, at least.

Note that you can either switch for an equally priced protein. You can even upgrade to a premium option such as chicken for fish fillet or prime steak. (Upgrading to a premium protein will cost you extra dollars)

Taste And Flavor Of The Gobble Meals

To our surprise, Gobble, recipes have tastes and flavors borrowed from cuisines all across the world. They have many dishes that came from the Mediterranean Sea.

Where Turkish Lentil soup is a specialty appetizer from Turkey, Thai coconut curry chicken soup will give you an exquisite taste of Thai culture. Some recipes are also inspired by Japanese, Italian, South, and Central America.

They also have premium dinner and specialty kits for four people giving you more delicious recipes to enjoy for dinner. With Gobble, you can have a great variety of dishes and meals, giving you the exact feel of a restaurant-style cuisine.

Recipe You Should Give A Try:

How Much Does Gobble Cost?

Meals delivered by Gobble for 2 people two times a week cost $15.99 per serving. The amazing part is it offers a free first-week shipment to new subscribers. This gives you a total of $63.96.

However, a two-dinner kit five times a week is priced differently. The per-serving cost for this meal plan is $11.95 per serving. The total becomes 119.90. But if you order a meal kit for 4 people two times a week, it will be a more budget-friendly option. The per-serving price for this meal plan is $12.99 per serving, giving you a total of $103.92.

Lastly, a meal plan for 4 people five times a week, you will have to pay $11.99 per serving. This gives you a total of $239.80. They charge a standard shipment cost of $6.99. With this sort of pricing, Gobble has earned a secure position on the list of expensive meal kit services.

Packaging: Not So Environmental Friendly

While reviewing Gobble meals, we also analyzed the box and how the ingredients were packed inside it. Although they do deliver products in a large insulated cardboard box that can be easily recycled. The dry ice pack was placed down the box with meat on top of it.

However, the downside is that all other ingredients are packed separately into different plastic bags. This causes a lot of plastic waste once you are done with unwrapping the ingredients.

Who Is It Good For?

With our Gobble review, we realized that the service is perfect for home chefs who love to enjoy healthy, tasty meals without wasting time on prep up.

It is also a perfect option for families with kids since you can customize the protein in each meal. It is also best for busy people who have cravings for delightful food but are short on time.

Great Customer Care Service

Unlike some top brands who do not respond to customer queries right on time, we had a much pleasant experience with Gobble’s customer care service.

The representative team tries their best to solve your queries and stay connected with you till your issue is resolved. You can either send them an email or send them a text at (650) 600-7776.


Where do Gobble deliver meal boxes?

Gobble delivers to various states in the U.S., excluding Montana. They also provide limited service in Nebraska, New Mexico, and Kansas.

Can we track our Gobble meal boxes?

Yes, you can easily track your Goggle meal box. The company sends you an email notification when your parcel is shipped. It connects you with the tracking information of your order.