Fresh N’ Lean Review: Pros & Cons in 2023

By Jennie •  Updated: 01/12/23 •  7 min read

Freshnlean preps your meals and gets you tasty dishes each week. For busy people who want to keep a healthy diet and fit lifestyle.

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About Fresh N’ Lean

Fresh N’ Lean was founded in 2010 as a kitchen in a one-bedroom apartment. Laureen Asseo developed a plant-based diet when her father got a bad health scare. Her meal plans were so effective that others also started to request them.

Today with its commercial kitchen in Anaheim, California, the company ships meals to its valuable customers in all 50 states. The brand enjoys a solid digital presence with 38k Instagram followers and 15k likes on Facebook.

In 2020, Laureen also enjoyed a prestigious position in Forbes’s iconic ’30 Under 30’ article for her excellent thriving business.

Today’s Fresh N’ Lean review will help you decide whether this famous service will be best suited to you or not?


  • Tasty meals with a variety of options
  • Can enjoy proteins and sidelines in large quantities
  • Unique vegan menus offered
  • Healthy, mostly organic ingredients
  • Snacks and additional meals offered


  • Lacks vegetarian menu
  • Certain meals are costly

An overview of the Brand 

Fresh N’ Lean is a subscription-based service that brings whole foods focused on maintaining fresher meals and healthier options at your doorstep. Choose from six different meal plans, and the meals will be delivered in eco-friendly, microwave-safe containers all ready to enjoy.

The major reason for its widespread popularity is its simple, delicious meals that keep the maximum nutritional benefits in view. The meal delivery service is professionally designed to serve people following special diets such as high-protein, Paleo, Keto, Whole30, and vegan diets.

You can choose between 7 to 21 meals a week from five different meal plans, I.e., Protein+, Keto, Paleo, Standard Vegan, and Low-Carb Vegan.

The meals are made from organic, non-GMO ingredients and free-range, certified-humane animal proteins. Most of the products are grown on the company’s farm or obtained from local and regional producers.

Fresh N’ Lean Signing up

The company’s website is highly welcoming and user-friendly to enhance the positive user experience. To utilize the company’s subscription plan, you will first have to signup for the program. Then explore the extensive menus and click on the meals to review the details. The ala carte option allows mix and match from different plans. The service is delivered all around the US except for Alaska and Hawaii.

How it works?

The expert chefs at Fresh N’ Lean curate each meal with the perfection that you only have to heat and eat the meal. You can either plan your meal or take a quiz to help you analyze your targets and required plan. Then you will have to choose five or seven days’ meals.

You will also have to mention any allergies to eggs, sesame, dairy, nuts, or soy. Besides, you can also exclude up to three ingredients from your meals, such as cilantro, curry, and olives. The next step is to add bulk and sides and the branded accessories. Once all set, check out and set a delivery-by date. Your meals will be sent at random under all plans, but for a la carte plan, you can choose from around six entrees and three breakfasts weekly.

Meal Plans Offered

If you are conscious of your calories intake, then Fresh N’ Lean will help you find a meal plan that will perfectly complement your daily requirement. Here are the popular options offered by them:

Delivery and Packaging

The meals are delivered in a big cardboard box. The meal boxes can be refrigerated for storage if you do not wish to have them right away. When you consume, they move the food boxes to the freezer 24 hours earlier. 

The container boxes are easy to stack and are recyclable, so there is no extra burden on the environment. Even the gel ice packs that keep the boxes cool are also recyclable.

No Cooking Headaches

The Fresh N’ Lean meals are fully prepared, meaning you only have to pop the boxes in the microwave, push the start button, and your meal will be ready to serve within minutes. Do poke some holes in the plastic wrap covering before putting it in a microwave. You will find on entrees instructions to add salt and pepper, but the food we tried was so rich in flavor that they require no extra salts and spices.

Taste and Quality

The reason why we prefer Fresh N’ Lean above others is because of its exceptional taste and quality texture. The chicken in the meals was bursting with flavors; even the salmon was perfectly cooked, neither over nor undercooked.

Dishes loved by us:

Pricing Plans

The meal prices start at $8 per meal, but the exact costs depend on the plan you opt for. The cheapest plans are the Standard Vegan and Low-Carb vegan plans, which start from $8 and $9 per meal. The more meals you buy, the lower the cost per entrée. Except for the Whole30 plan, you get the option to select the maelstrom of your desired diet and get lunch, breakfast, dinner, a combination of two meals, or all three.

Whereas the Keto diet plan for five days will cost $130 a week, which equates to $13 a meal, if three meals a day are ordered from the Keto plan for seven days, the total will be $210 per week, I.e., $10 per meal. The single servings for weekly rates range from $46 to $102.

If you order from a la carte meals to build a weekly plan, your minimum cost will be $85. The plus point about the service is you get to enjoy free shipping on all meals.

Quick Customer Support

All the meals come with preparation instructions, an ingredient list, and nutrition facts. The meal details can also be accessed from their website; click on the meal, and the details will appear. Besides, the customer support is quick and highly responsive. You can contact them through their email, online request page, and phone service from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Promotions and Discounts

Here are some amazing ways to save up on the deals:

Professional Nutritionists on board

The program’s greatness is due to the well-crafted plans by nutritionists who plan the meals to fit a specific diet. There are two major nutritionists on their team. A holistic nutritionist is certified by American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and the other is a Precision Nutrition Level 1-certified nutritionist. For their menus, Fresh N’ Lean commented, ‘We develop our menu by analyzing current global meal trends as well as what is seasonal.’

The plans are formulated keeping in view your food allergies concern. The nutrition facts and ingredient list on meals keep you informed of your intake.


Here are the top FAQs for the Fresh N Lean meal review below:

Does Fresh N’ Lean taste good?

Its exceptional taste and delicious flavors make it one of the best services in town. The food you’ll get is sure to be fresh and properly cooked. The meat, vegetables, chicken, etc., everything is cooked to perfection with no ground of complaints.

Is Fresh N’ Lean organic?

Yes, because all the meals are made with organically sourced ingredients. Not all ingredients are certified organic, but they come from organic sources ,i.e., earth or sea. Most of the ingredients are sourced from California farms and the eggs and meat used are all from cage-free animals.