Fresh and Easy Review: Pros & Cons in 2024

By Jennie â€˘  Updated: 01/12/22 â€˘  8 min read

Fresh and Easy is a meal plan service provided by Home Chef. They promise prepared and pre-portioned healthy ingredients that are easy to cook in as little as 15 minutes.

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Prepped, portioned, and ready to cook –  no clean-up!


Busy persons or someone with terrible cooking skills often dread the idea of putting the cooking pot on the stove. Well, not everyone is a natural cook, after all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a deliciously tempting meal that has a perfect “ Chef-like touch” to it.

Fresh and Easy by Home Chef is here to make cooking simpler for you. Or, to put it more accurately, make eating easier for you! Let’s have a full Fresh And Easy meal review to help you see how convenient the service is for food lovers running on a tight schedule.


  • Ready-to-eat meals are full of taste.
  • No clean up required.
  • Free shipping on big orders.
  • Suitable for busy professionals, mothers, and new chefs.


  • They have limited meal options.
  • No specialized Keto or gluten-free meals.
  • Users can’t track orders.

Quick Overview On Fresh And Easy

When your stomach growls for food after a busy workday, all you want is a meal that is just sitting on the table waiting to be eaten. Home Chef brings forward diverse, quick yet healthy meal kits under its new brand of “Fresh And Easy.”

Home Chef is a popular meal kit delivery service in America. The meals by Home Chef can be effortlessly tailored, suitable for huge households, time-saving, and delightful. The meal kit delivery service wished to make cooking more effortless for people having no time to cook tricky tasty meals. So, adhering to the demands of busy foodies, the company offered the Fresh And Easy meal kit plan.

Fresh And Easy delivers chef-prepared and ready-to-cook meals right at your doorstep. The service is entirely ideal for busy professionals who have no time to chop vegetables, cook lengthy meals, and then scrub pots after they are done. They deliver food in a disposable microwave, oven, and grill-ready containers. Heat your meal through the pans in the trash can, and you are done. Meal customizable options, delightful recipes, and reasonable pricing are some features that make Fresh And Easy a remarkable service in town.

How To Sign Up For The Service?

Getting started with Fresh and Easy requires you to follow the standard sign-in procedure. Before starting the service, inquire about your dietary preferences ( low carb or calorie conscious). And to make your dinner more healthy, the service demands to know about the food you want to avoid. This way, the service can better filter your meals for your weekly selection.

Next, the users must specify how many portions and meals they want in a week. The service differs from other big brands in the meal delivery industry. Fresh And Easy provide meals for up to 6 persons at a time. Well, that’s a huge plus. Most companies max out at four or most probably five meals per week. By offering six portions, Home Chef delivers ready-to-eat super tasty meals for moms and families having more mouths to feed.

Finally, fill in your shipment details, make your payment, and choose a weekly meal. Every week there are varying recipes, and you can create a customizable meal plan six weeks in advance. Skipping or canceling meals is also a breeze.

Tip: Home Chef Fresh And Easy are affiliated with Kroger grocery store. So, you can also sign in with a grocery account supported by Kroger.

What The Menu Has To Offer?

As we know, Fresh And Easy are integrated with Home Chef, so there is no compromise on the quality of ingredients. Just like its parent company Fresh And Easy brings foodies some classic chef-style recipes that are blasting with flavor.

But unlike Home Chef, Fresh and Easy bring more convenience to your cooking. The ingredients from the service are not only pre-portioned but are also washed, chopped, and divided according to the recipe. In the case of proteins and veggies, they come pre-cooked, letting you prepare dinner in an instant.

Every week 9 new recipes are introduced by the culinary expert at Home Chef. The meal plans are classified into five different categories.

To give you an honest Fresh And Easy meal review, we tried several dishes offered by the service. We loved that the easy-to-cook meals give you the perfect mouth-watering taste and feel of a restaurant-style meal.

Noteworthy Facts About Fresh And Easy Meals

Some facts made us go “Woooow” during our Fresh and Easy review. For instance, the meals can be customized according to your taste or dietary needs. You can swap or double up the protein in your meals. Teriyaki Grilled Salmon has salmon fillets as a significant ingredient. But you can replace salmon with chicken steak or Ahi tuna, depending on your choice.

Most importantly, the cooking instructions are clearly and precisely stated in three quick steps. So, even though you change the protein, you will still finish the recipe in no time.

Next, the menu gives you two choices: Calorie Conscious or Carb Conscious. This way calculating the calories and carbs in your meals becomes easy. You can get delicious meals by avoiding foods such as pork, beef, poultry, seafood, mushrooms, tree nuts, and peanuts.

Nutritional Value Of Fresh And Easy Meals

Fresh and Easy meal review is incomplete without letting you know about the nutritional value behind every recipe by the service. Home Chef has always been keen on delivering fresh and whole ingredients. The brand closely collaborates with trustworthy suppliers and ensures every ingredient is up to the mark.

Whereas the nutritional value of each recipe is mentioned on the website and the recipe card. The nutritional info chart is minimal and to the point. But it helps you determine the calories, fats, carbs, and proteins available in every meal.

Besides, every recipe is put together by top chefs and nutritionists—this way to get to enjoy healthy, well-balanced, and quality meals without right at your home.

Fresh And Easy Pricing Plans

Fresh And Easy meals are not only marvelous in taste but also help you serve 6 people for 6 days straight!

The company sends an email containing all the recipes for the upcoming week. You can adjust your serving and make changes to your meal plans. The 2 serving plan is ideal for couples, whereas the service for 4 or 6 people is reliable for families. Moreover, you can also adjust the number of meals per week according to your needs.

A single portion of the chef entrée will cost you about $9.95, whereas a $10 shipping fee will be charged on orders below $50.

Inside The Delivery Box

During our Fresh And Easy review, we unboxed the meal box and were pleasantly surprised at how well the ingredients were packed. The cardboard box has proper insulation and a reusable gel ice pack that keeps the ingredients fresh during the shipping process. The box contained:

Although they use a lot of recyclable packaging products, there was also plastic packaging. Various ingredients and the protein were separately packed in plastic bags. So, this doesn’t make Fresh And Easy an eco-friendly meal kit service, in our opinion.

Customer Service

To solve your queries, you can either skim through the FAQs section of Home Chef, which we found to be quite informative.

Or you can either contact the professional, responsive customer support team at 872 225 2433. Sending them an email is also an effective way of connecting with meal delivery service


Do Fresh And Easy by Home Chef deliver all across America?

Home Chef Fresh And Easy service delivers meal kits in almost every major state of the country. To check the availability in your zone, put your zip code while you register for the service.

Are Home Chef and Fresh And Easy meal services the same?

Fresh and Easy is a sub-brand by Home Chef. Where Home Chef has an extensive range of meals with a cooking time of 30-60 minutes, Fresh and Easy have ready-to-eat meals that can be prepared in just 15-minutes.