Factor Review: Pros & Cons in 2024

By Jennie •  Updated: 02/20/23 •  8 min read

Factor is a US meal delivery service which provides you with natural meals, including ketogenic and paleo diets.

Best Premade Option

People who are compassionate about cooking love to reach out to meal kit delivery services. They can effortlessly follow the cooking instructions laid down on the recipe card. For them getting healthy meals is a piece of cake.

You don’t want to start cooking from scratch, or being a full-time mom makes it impossible to prepare a healthy dinner at the end of the day. Whatever your reasons are, if meal delivery services do not sound appealing to you, try prepared meal delivery services. Factor’s meals are high in energy, full of taste, and support weight loss. 

Factor 75 has a fan following of 151K on their Instagram account. So, is it worth the hype? Continue reading this Factor review and learn how it can support you in your wellness journey.


  • Convenient and healthy meals.
  • Free personalized guidance by registered nutritionists.
  • Can accommodate different diet plans.
  • Meals are full of nutrition.
  • Low-calorie meals are suitable for healthy weight loss.


  • Offer individual servings
  • Expensive.
  • Not suitable for people with allergies.

What Is the Factor?

If you’re a fan of “Heat and Enjoy” meal delivery services, then Factor meal plans might be the perfect fit for you.

Factor, previously known as Factor_75, was initially introduced in 2011. It’s a ready-made meal delivery service that emphasizes healthy eating and maintaining a balanced diet. The fresh meals delivered by the service are made from high-quality ingredients and are curated by dietitians and culinary professionals.

The diverse meal options are tailored to support athletes and individuals mindful of their calorie intake, adhering to specific dietary restrictions. The rotating menu, fresh meals, and fully prepared entrées are some of the highlights of this meal service.

Factor offers a broad range of healthy meals. You can customize your meals based on your preferences. Factor’s meals are made from high-quality ingredients and incorporate organic protein to deliver exceptional meals to their customers. As the company provides pre-cooked meals, all you need to do is heat them up and savor a fulfilling dinner without lifting a spoon!

Getting Started With Factor

Factor delivers prepared meals right at your doorstep. Sign up with the service and choose the number of meals per week. You can choose from 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 recipes per week which give you more variation in your meals (you won’t get bored by eating the same recipes). 

Then you have to choose your meals from their rotating menu of about 23 ready-to-eat meal options. However, if you feel confused about the weekly meals, let the expert at Factor make a wise decision.

Take a sneak peek at the Factor Section of the delivery service. We found a lot of interesting add-ons under this category. Deserts, soups, shakes, and cold-pressed juices can make your meals more delicious. Add-ons can be ordered along with your meals but will add a few more pounds to your bill.

Cooking experts prepare all the meals. The fresh meals are packaged and delivered to you on any given day. They can be kept in the fridge for up to seven days.

What Do Factor Meals Offer?

The delicious meals offered by Factor meal services are curated to support healthy eating. From the broad menu, you can easily find meals curved according to your dietary restrictions. 

The prepared meals on Factor meal service support the following diet plans:

The website does not group foods according to the meal plan. But instead, you have to use filters to search for the best meals depending upon your preferences.

The meals have calories ranging from 500-to 800. Some meal plans also have a calorie count of 600. The single-serving meals are sufficient for one adult, so don’t expect any leftovers in Factor meals.

Factor Meals We Enjoyed

Some Factor meals that were just superb and we would like to taste again include:

Quality And Freshness Of Factor Meals

Factor 75 uses fresh ingredients and high-quality animal proteins to prepare exquisite dishes. They have sustainably sourced seafood, grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free poultry, and organic produce.

The nutritionists at Factor meal service ensure to prepare nutritious meals that could stay fresh for seven days. The food tasted fresh after reheating it in the oven.

Are Factor Meals Effective For Weight Loss?

Suppose you are a performance athlete or want a low-carb, low-calorie meal plan. The entrees by Factor meal can help you with weight loss. 

The low-calorie meals by Factor have 500 calories per serving. Having limited calories in your daily meal helps you lose weight at a steadier pace. 

However, Factor has several high-protein meals containing about 30-50 gm of proteins. By consuming high protein meals, your stomach feels fuller, letting you control your appetite. 

Factor meals are also suitable for people following different diet plans such as Keto, vegetarian, and paleo. By giving you a meal plan for the entire week, the service helps you lose weight and remain healthy.

Consultation By Nutritionist 

Before ordering your weekly menu, Factor allows you to connect with a registered nutritionist. It is a 20-minute complimentary session where you get to discuss how you wish to lose weight. The dietitian offers personalized guidance on which meal plan to choose and how many meals per week will help you reach your goal.

Factor also has a one-month Nutrition Coaching Package. It is a paid program where you get two weekly sessions with your coach, a digital dashboard, and underline the benefits of eating healthy meals. It is around $139.99 per month.

Whereas if you are in for a long-term commitment, try the three-month plan at $99 per month. To offer the same service as the one-month package but is more cost-effective than the previous one.

Factor Meals Cost

The meal delivery service gives you a range of meal kits. The Factor meal price for the week depends upon the plan you choose and the meals you receive per week. The more meals you order, the less it costs per meal. The available plans on Factor are priced as follow:

The shakes, soups, and breakfast options are available as add one and will be charged separately. They deliver all across the U.S., and you can enjoy free shipping no matter the size of your order.

Factor Customer Service Review

For any meal delivery service to be a complete success, it should connect with the customers in every way. The Factor does a pretty good job with its customer service. If the meals are not up to your standard or the meals taste terrible, you can easily contact the Factor team at [email protected] 

Note that the representatives may demand a picture of the order before compensating you for your week’s meals. If the meal taste is an issue, Factor offers a 100% money-back guarantee, but this only applies to your first order. Do remember to make a refund request within 7 days after receiving your order. You can also have a live chat with their representatives or give them a call at 888-573-5727.

Recyclable Packaging

The packaging material used by Factor is reusable and recyclable. They use cold gel packs, brown paper, and cotton insulation to provide the correct temperature for fresh meals. Almost all the packaging material is eco-friendly, including BPA-Free CPET plastic food containers.

Whether you order four meals or eight meals in the box, every meal is separately packed. The side of the box contains all the nutrition info about the meal along with instructions about cooking Factor meals.

The meals can stay fresh for up to seven days in the refrigerator. Put them in the freezer if you want to eat them at a much later date.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you cancel the Factor subscription without being charged?

A. You can skip up to 4 weeks of delivery at a time. But if you want to skip for the following week, you must cancel your subscription before Wednesday at 11:59 pm the previous week.

How does Factor 75 deliver the meals?

Factor 75 meal delivery service ships the meals in insulated boxes with cold gel packs. The meals are kept at a refrigerator temperature, and the food quality is preserved.