Best Meal Delivery Kits Services in Australia

It might be challenging to determine which meal subscription service is ideal for your needs given the wide variety available. If you enjoy cooking, food boxes would be best for you, but a ready-to-eat option would be excellent if you don’t have much time. Take our survey to receive a personalized selection of meal subscription services that are appropriate for your needs, or browse and compare meal subscriptions below.

Best Meal Delivery Services

Want to test out a meal kit? You’ve arrived at the proper location. In order to give you the knowledge you need to select your next meal, we have produced a list of some of Australia’s top meal kit suppliers and compared services.

What is a meal delivery service?

Customers who use a meal delivery service receive easy-to-follow recipes, fresh and frozen pre-portioned ingredients, and ready-to-eat meals at their preferred location. A customized meal delivery service is offered to accommodate unique tastes, nutritional needs, and health objectives.

Meals may be pre-portioned and labeled with cooking instructions so that they may be swiftly prepared and put together, or they may arrive cooked and ready to eat. Recipes are basic, unambiguous, and simple to follow.

The majority of meal delivery businesses have a subscription-based business model, however some allow for one-time orders. To make healthy eating simple, each food box or ready-made meal from a meal delivery service typically combines the work of chefs, nutritionists, and supermarket shoppers to offer inventive recipes suitable for a range of dietary requirements.

Types of meal subscriptions

Meal Kits

A meal kit delivery gives the customer pre-portioned, precisely labelled items in the right amounts to put together a meal according to a step-by-step recipe. Meals may typically be made quickly and easily.

Ready to Eat

The recipient of a ready-made meal delivery receives meals that are fresh, frozen, and ready to eat or reheat. A grab-and-go meal that is prepared for immediate consumption is needed for this kind of meal subscription.

How to compare meal kits & subscriptions

Each meal kit subscription can be compared on a range of criteria, including pricing, subscription plan, and taste.

The following are the key differences between meal kit subscriptions:

Are meal kits generally healthy?

Meal kits and delivery services have had their nutritional quality analyzed, and it was discovered that they offer sufficient servings of the essential macronutrients; nonetheless, there is always potential for improvement to fulfill Australian dietary recommendations.

A study conducted by the University of Sydney in 2019 examined 12 meals chosen at random from a variety of meal subscription providers. Meal kits were found to be an excellent source of veggies when the nutritional makeup of each meal was determined, however the conclusion was reached that they might be excessively rich in fat and salt and should use more fiber.

Meal kits frequently offer health-promoting properties and are a viable replacement for takeout, convenience foods, and even some home-cooked meals. Remember that each source offers both tempting and healthful cuisine. Each provider has a distinct selection of recipes that take into account a number of different dietary requirements. Overall, they offer a quick, simple, and practical approach to fuss-free healthy eating.

The benefits and disadvantages of meal delivery services



Important things to compare while evaluating meal services

Take into account the following elements when selecting the best solution for you:

Meal Personalization

Different dietary needs and preferences are catered for by meal delivery services. Some are expressly created to assist certain diets, such as vegan or paleo, while others are geared at supporting medical disorders, such as diabetes. There are frequently gluten-free or lactose-free options available if you have allergies or intolerances. It is essential to contact the service directly to find out if it offers meals that are suitable for a particular dietary requirement.

Taste & Quality

Food quality, freshness, and flavor are important considerations while selecting the best provider. Some service providers prefer to keep food fresh rather than frozen, and vice versa. Aside from trying it out for yourself, reading user reviews is the greatest method to learn more. Although this varies amongst suppliers, the majority of them offer chef-created, delectable meals. Start by comparing providers by taking the meal kit quiz.

Price and Conditions

Each meal delivery service has a drastically different cost per meal or week. It’s critical to contrast the weekly cost of your preferred meal delivery with the typical cost of your weekly grocery shop. Always read the terms and conditions of the meal provider because each one may have different requirements for minimum spending, lock-in periods, and subscriptions, among other things. Consult the provider’s page’s FAQs or get in touch with their customer support staff.


Many Australian service providers place a strong emphasis on using locally grown food, work to decrease food waste, and seek for ways to reduce packaging or improve the sustainability of their offerings. Despite what can seem like additional packing when receiving a meal kit, a recent study found that meal kits have a smaller overall carbon footprint than the same meals purchased in a grocery store. Pre-portioned components and an efficient supply chain were shown to reduce total food loss and waste for meal kits. To learn about a provider’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, contact them directly.

How do meal kits work?

With a variety of recipes to choose from and ready-to-cook goods (aside from cupboard essentials like oil, eggs, and salt), meal kits are a delivery service designed to inspire and make life easier for consumers.

Meal kits were developed to reduce the stress and time associated with shopping for supplies, finding recipes, determining serving sizes, and preventing waste. A meal kit handles all the tedious tasks frequently involved in cooking, freeing up the consumer to focus on the enjoyable aspects of cooking, such as selecting recipes, determining how many meals they need, and cooking itself.

Customers typically specify the number of people they intend to feed, the number of meals each week they would like to receive in their order, and recipes that match the person count. Individual dietary needs aren’t typically attended to at this point; instead, options to customize generic tastes, such as a vegetarian box or meat and vegetables, are typically available. Customers there can select the recipes they want to prepare for the coming week. The meal kits come complete with pre-portioned supplies and cooking directions and are delivered right to your house! It is important to note that normal pantry essentials like milk, eggs, and oil aren’t included; customers will be informed if anything is needed but isn’t provided in the meal kits.

Which Australian meal kit delivery service is the best?

Meal kits are becoming more and more well-liked. Some of the more well-known suppliers on the Australian market include those that are listed above. What makes a meal kit the “best” is the provider checking off the consumer’s wants, like: a variety of recipes, frequently updated recipe options, competitive pricing, value for the money, high quality ingredients, little to no waste, delivery options, and of course – meals that taste delicious!

Despite everything mentioned above, HelloFresh is well-known because they were one of the first companies to offer meal kits on the market and have continued to be a household name in many Australian homes. They frequently provide promotions and discounts for first-timers so you may test before you buy or have meals at a seductively low price!

Are meal kits worth it?

A meal kit service has several benefits, including obvious time savings and convenience that free up Australians to concentrate on other life concerns. However, they are most well-known for the accompanying trash reduction. Because meals are pre-portioned and wrapped with few packets and environmentally safe wrapping materials, consumers are prevented from purchasing bulk ingredients and not utilizing ingredients in their entity, forcing them to tuck away partially used food packets that may never see the light of day again!

And yes, it does save time. Pre-ordering a week’s worth of meals relieves the burden associated with deciding what to serve for supper, but it also keeps mealtimes interesting by allowing customers to pick meals or cuisines they have never tried before. Everyone has experienced the need for a change of pace after eating the same dinner for several weeks.

Which meal kits are the most popular per state?

Most popular meal kit delivery in NSW

There is something for everyone on HelloFresh’s selection of tasty recipes, which are frequently updated. The Meat & Veggies Plan is their most popular menu option, but they also have a vegetarian selection that may be custom-made to include vegan items. They maintain competition with other online suppliers by providing delivery throughout Australia and frequently having a variety of discounts and deals!

Most popular meal kit delivery in VIC 
Every Plate

EveryPlate provides meal kits that emphasize straightforward dishes with robust flavors! With meals starting at around $5, they now think of themselves as Australia’s cheapest meal kit company.

Most popular meal kit delivery in QLD 

Why is Dinnerly so popular? They are most known for their reasonably priced meal kits that offer nationwide delivery. Each meal is designed to feed more people with less resources by using fewer ingredients, less paper, and less packaging. A two-person box or a family box are the two plan options that Dinnerly offers.

Most popular meal kit delivery in other states
Marley Spoon

Marley Spoon offer delivery to most areas in Australia including NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, TAS. Around mealtime, they put a big emphasis on client convenience and inspiration! To reduce waste associated with meal preparation, all ingredients are locally sourced, pre-portioned, and selected. A 2-person and 4-person meal kit package is presently available!


What is a food box or meal kit?

A food box, sometimes known as a meal kit, is a subscription-based food service in which a firm sends customers pre-portioned, partially prepared materials with recipes or ready-to-eat meals to prepare and eat at home. They can be tailored to specific tastes and nutritional needs, such as vegan or vegetarian, and are a hassle-free solution for meal planning and preparation. Food box delivery services are accessible to anyone and take the guesswork out of cooking and healthy eating while also saving time and reducing food waste.

Which meal plan is the best fit for me?

This is dependent upon your financial situation and food preferences.

Do meal kits require a recurring subscription?

The majority of food delivery businesses have weekly recurring, auto-renewing memberships that the user must sign up for. Subscriptions, however, are not “locked in,” so you may decide to end them whenever you want without incurring any additional costs. Naturally, this differs amongst providers, so it’s better to inquire with each one separately before enrolling.

What if I can’t cook well?

Absolutely no worries. Meal kits can actually help you become a better cook by introducing you to new foods, products, techniques, and recipes. How? Cooking can be made more enjoyable and exciting, you can learn new cooking skills and methods, you can experiment with things you wouldn’t normally buy, and you can feel confident using simple-to-follow recipes.

Are meal delivery services healthy?

The quality of each meal provider’s services vary, however not all meal delivery services are nutritious. There may be several healthy alternatives on the menu, but it’s crucial to pay attention to the ingredients, macros, and meal sizes because they can vary.